Gujarat Tourism Gujarat overflows with richness : in its history, heritage, structure, Tourism in Gujarat offers a Traveler’s Paradise. It offers a wide spectrum of Tourism sectors which sing in the glory of Gujarat’s rich culture and heritage.

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Gujarat Tourism

Gujarat is one of the most diverse States in India. Its history stretches over a long years from the age old Harappan Civilization to the Mughal period. Gujarat's endless journey from Roots to Wings is timeless with historical and cultural traditions glorifying the State.

The Land of the Legends

Gujarat, the Land of the Legends, is the birthplace of many Freedom fighters like the legendary Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and many others who fought the freedom struggle, infusing the qualities of tolerance, brotherhood, non-violence and patriotism into Indians.

Historical and Archaeological Monuments

The cultural mix enhanced with over 4500 years of history has endowed Gujarat with some of the greatest historical and archaeological monuments. While Lothal offers an unparalleled insight into the Harappan civilization, Ahmedabad has specimens of Indo-Sarcenic architecture, Palitana has a profusion of temples in the Jain style, Junagadh displays Buddhist caves and Rajput architecture appears all over different parts of Gujarat. A major Tourist destination of immense potential, it’s historical monuments represent the great religions of Asia – Hindu, Buddhism, Jain, Islam, Parsi and Sikh.

Top 10 Most Visited Attractions in Gujarat

  • Gir National Park :

     Gir is a must visit attraction in Gujarat because of the Asiatic Lions. In fact, it's the only place in India with the largest population of Asiatic lions. There are more than 300 bird species too, and is great for birding.

  • Dwarkadhish Temple :

     What makes this temple a must visit is its extraordinary architecture! There are 5 storeys standing on 72 pillars. The walls & sandstone plinth are adorned with elephants, dancers, celestial beings and musicians.

  • Champaner Pavagadh Archaeological Park :

     History lovers will like this one! It's a UNESCO World Heritage Site & stretches on a rocky hilltop. The living cultural heritage of Gujarat is reflected in its mosques, temples and forts.

  • Sabarmati Ashram :

     Sabarmati Ashram is a must visit because Mahatma Gandhi stayed here between 1917 & 1930. It consists of his living quarters. There is also an open air museum which presents a record of his life & teachings.

  • Lothal :

     It is an important site of Harappan civilization, and hence, a must visit tourist attraction in Gujarat. This archaeological site dates back 4,500 years. There is a museum which showcases 5,089 products varying from ornaments to weights.

  • Sun Temple :

     The Sun Temple in Modhera was built in 1,027 AD. Inside the temples complex, there is a stepwell, prayer hall and another room which leads to Garbagriha.

  • Akshardham Temple : 

    Akshardham Temple is dedicated to Lord Swwaminarayan. Its architecture is almost surreal, making it a must visit tourist place. It's built from 6,000 tons of pink sandstone without the use of cement or steel.

  • Laxmi Vilas Palace : 

    It's 4 times the size of Buckingham Palace & easily the grandest structure in India. It sprawls over 700 acres. What's equally amazing is that its construction took almost 12 years.

  • Adalaj Stepwell :

     It was originally built as a stepwell in 1,555 AD on the outskirts of Ahmedabad. The series of platforms & galleries built on the sides of the stepwell are extremely impressive.

  • Statue of Unity : 

    At 182 meters tall, the Statue of Unity is the world's tallest statue. It is dedicated to Sardar Vallabhai Patel, the famous freedom fighter in India.

Best Time for Visiting Gujarat for Holidays

Gujarat can get quite hot during the summers. Winters, or the months from November to February, is the best time to visit it. You can enjoy sightseeing or do whatever you want in the company of pleasant weather.

Tourist Attractions

Major Cities & Places

Religious Places

Forts & Palaces



Historical Places

Hill Stations & Tourist Spots

Heritage Hotels

Some good reasons to travel to gujarat:

Travelling is therapeautic

Travelling is educational

Travelling helps in learning diverse Culture Traits

Gujarat harbours picturesque landscapes, historical sites

and long stretches of Coastlines

A visit to Gujarat is rejuvenating, relaxing, Inspiring

Relate to the vibrant culture and make friends

Leave with spellbound Memories, lasting impressions

and life long learning

The Emerging Tourism Areas

Tourism in Gujarat offers a Traveler’s Paradise. It offers a wide spectrum of Tourism sectors which sing in the glory of Gujarat’s rich culture and heritage.

Gujarat Tourism

Gujarat overflows with richness : in its history, heritage, structure, culture & cuisine!

About Gujarat Tourism

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Gujarat Tour Packages

Being a pivot of the trade in the country, Gujarat is also serving as an idyllic tourist destination. From a preferential port for seafarers, the center point of business and industry, a crib for spirituality and culture, the major spot of freedom movement, abode of Mahatma Gandhi, only holder of Asiatic Lion in the country, Gujarat has it all what makes it an intriguing tourist destination in India. A vivacious past has filled its inhabitants with proud and energy that can be experienced in its culture. The state has great potential for tourism and thus, it is growing fast as a tourist hotbed. With its affluent heritage offerings, intact beaches, exotic flora & fauna, beautiful rural handicrafts and varied cultural prosperity, Gujarat is no less than an empyrean for the tourists, needless to say- of all kinds! Tour My India offers comprehensive and gratifying tour packages to Gujarat. Our tailor-made packages are designed keeping in mind the satisfaction and needs of the every travelers. These packages do not burn a hole in the tourist's pocket and make them explore different hues of this beautiful state that has in bag a perfect tour opportunity to the travelers of different tastes and interests.

There are many reasons why Gujarat finds a place among the top travel destinations in India. The places to visit in Gujarat include UNESCO sites, religious sites, wildlife sanctuaries with Asiatic lions, Jyotirlinga, Char Dham Temples, museums, the large white desert Rann of Kutch, Statue of Unity and Gandhian heritage sites. There are numerous opportunities for a sightseeing tour. The richness in history, heritage and culture will overwhelm you on your first visit!

Gujarat borders Pakistan to the north-west, the Arabian Sea to the south-west, Rajasthan to the north, Maharashtra to the south, Madhya Pradesh to the east; Gujarat is the seventh largest state of India by area. The state is an electric mixture of different cultures and traditions, showcasing the traditions of the real India.

Newly Launched Tourist Attractions

Added to the already rich treasure of tourist attractions in Gujarat are newer ones which enrich Gujarat tourism. One of these is the Statue of Unity. At 597 feet, it's the world's largest statue. Some of the attractions surrounding the statue are butterfly garden, cactus garden, handicraft stores and mirror maze.

Another one is the Sardar Patel Zoological Park, located just 3 kilometers from the Statue of Unity. It's popularly known as Jungle Safari Park. Unlike other parks, it's created in an open design. The park has animals which have been imported from across the world. There are more than 5 lakh plants in the zoo. The world's largest aviary is also found here. The aviary consists of around 500 birds belonging to 30 species. The birds are displayed in 2 sections: exotic and Indian.

There are around 500 birds belonging to 30 species in the aviary, in addition to 30 types of plants and grass for their food. Orientations will also be provided to children and adults when they enter the aviary. There are 2 sections displaying the birds: exotic and Indian.

Places Associated with Mahatma Gandhi!

Gujarat is the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi, fondly called the Father of the Nation. There are several points of tourist interest in Gujarat connected with Mahatma Gandhi. These include statues, museums and ashrams. There's something called a Gandhi Tourism Circuit which lets you follow the life of the Mahatma. Some of the best places to see related to Gandhi's life are Sabarmati Ashram, National Salt Satyagraha Museum, Kochrab Ashram and Gandhi Smriti.

Ancient History and Rich Heritage!

Heritage lovers have a lot to look forward to in Gujarat sightseeing tour. There are so many heritage sites, including UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These range across palaces, forts, stepwells and monuments. You can also enjoy a heritage walk in Ahmedabad, Junagadh and Vadodara. Some of the most famous heritage tourism sites are Laxmi Vilas Palace, Rani ki Vav and Modhera Sun Temple. Of these, Rani ki Vav, Champaner & Pavagadh Archaeological Park & Ahmedabad World Heritage City are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Gujarat is also a haven for lovers of history and archaeology. It's fascinating to know that there are more than 200 Indus Valley Civilization sites spread across Gujarat. Three of these are Dholavira, Lothal and Surkotada Indus Valley Civilisation. Among these, Dholavira dates back 4500 years. It is surrounded by the Rann of Kutch. Here, you come across the world's earliest and best planned water conservation systems. The world's first signboards, written in ancient Indus script, are also found here.

Rich Wildlife: And the Asiatic Lion!

There are many things which Gujarat tourism prides itself on. One amongst them is the Asiatic lion. With its thick mane and royal gait, it commands respect. You can spot the Asiatic lions and other wildlife at Gir National Park. Besides, there are 4 National Parks & 21 Wildlife Sanctuaries of Gujarat. The rich biodiversity of wildlife reserves is characterised by scenic landscapes, dense forests, mountain streams, waterfalls and rivers. The landforms range from dry deciduous forests and wetlands to marine ecosystems. There are more than 500 varieties of mammals, 2000 species of birds and as many insects, fishes and reptiles.

Quiet, Lovely Beaches!

The beaches in Gujarat are as beautiful as any other in India. Its 1600 kilometers shoreline is dotted with really beautiful beaches. Many of these beaches have a temple located nearby. Tranquillity and spiritual aura pervade them in equal measure. Two famous temples located just beside the shore are Somnath Temple and Koteshwar Temple. Gujarat also houses the first national marine park of India on the Jamnagar coast. In the marine park, there are 53 species of coral. October to May is the best time to visit Gujarat for its fine beaches.

Bird Watching Sanctuaries!

Bird watching or birding can definitely be counted among the top things to do in Gujarat tour. It has some of India's most accessible wetlands which are hotspots for bird watching. Some of the best bird watching destinations in Gujarat are Rann of Kutch, Nakhatrana, Jamnagar, Velvadar and Sasan Gir. A few famous bird sanctuaries where you can enjoy birding are: Khijadiya Bird, Thol Lake, Nalsarovar, Porbandar, Velavadar and The Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary.

Enjoy Golfing!

Gujarat is also famous for golfing. The golf courses boast world class facilities, spectacular views of the sea & a variety of entertainment options. There are seven golf courses across the state. The famous golf clubs are Glade One Golf Club, Aalloa Hills Resort, Gulmohar Greens Golf Kensville Golf and Country Club & Kalhaar Blues and Greens Golf Club.

Wellness Tourism!

Ayurveda based wellness tourism is also gaining a rapid popularity in Gujarat. There are several spa and Ayurveda resorts. You can enjoy a relaxing Swedish massage, Panchkarma & other kinds of treatments. Some of the Ayurveda resorts where you can spend a wellness vacation are Bhavani Retreat, Khadi Veda, Yogashram Nature Cure Center and Indu Ayurveda Hospital.

Colourful Fairs & Festivals!

An unmissable experience while travelling to Gujarat is attending its fair and festivals. Beautifully choreographed dances, riot of colours and lively folk performances mark these celebrations. The famous fairs and festivals in Gujarat are Navratri Festival, Rann Utsav and Dang Darbar Fair.

Top 10 Most Visited Tourist Destinations of Gujarat

  • Ahmedabad : Ahmedabad, founded in 1411, is a UNESCO World Heritage City. The old city comprises pols, narrow streets, chabutaras for feeding birds & secret passages. Sabarmati Ashram is another attraction.

  • Junagadh : Visit the city of Junagadh to visit the Buddhist Cave groups, Gir National Park, Somnath Temple, Mahabat Maqbara Temple, Damodar Kund and Junagadh Museum.

  • Gandhinagar : Gandhinagar is a treasure trove of sightseeing attractions. Visit the Indroda Dinosaur & Fossil Park, Dandi Kutir Museum and Adalaj Trimandir.

  • Vadodara : Visit the 19th century Laxmi Vilas Palace, enjoy golfing, visit 140 years old Tambekar Wada and the 18th century Sursagar Lake & Maharaja Fatehsingh Museum.

  • Kutch : 

    Kutch is a top tourist attraction for one of the world's largest salt deserts: Great Rann of Kutch. Watch how Nirona painting is done. There are heritage sites, beaches & famous Prag Mahal museum.

  • Jamnagar : Stretched out on the coast, Jamnagar is famous for the Ranmal Lake, Bhujiyo Kotho, Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary, Khambhalia Gate & European styled arcaded Willingdon Crescent.

  • Surat : Surat is a curious mix of Parsi agiaris, European tombs, carved mosques and colonial houses. Surat Castle, Sneh Rashmi Botanical Garden & Suvali Beach are top attractions.

  • Bhavnagar : Bhavnagar was once a princely state. The top tourist attractions in the city are Brahm Kund, Takhteshwar Temple, Gandhi Smriti, Mahuva Beach and Velavadar Blackbuck National Park.

  • Saputara : It is the only hill station in Gujarat. Some of the tourist attractions of Saputara are Lake Garden, Rose Garden, Honey Bees Center, Gira Waterfalls, Gandhi Shikhar and Sunrise Point.

  • Great Rann of Kutch : It is one of the world's largest white salt deserts. It's best visited during Rann Utsav, celebrated between November and March. The event is marked by camel safaris & traditional handicrafts.

A Quick Information About the State - Gujarat

Gujarat Region

Western India

Gujarat Capital



22.2587° N, 71.1924° E

Total Population of Gujarat

60,383,628 (According to 2011 Census)

Geographical Area

1,96,024 sq km

Total Districts in Gujarat



Gujarati, Hindi, English, Romani, Kutchi, Sindhi, Marathi, Bhili, Gamit, Marwari, Sindhi..etc

Major Tribes in Gujarat

Gamith, Dhodias, Siddi, Barda, Vasawas, Bhils, Bawcha, Kunbi, Rabari, Pateliya, Naikda, Gharasias..etc

State Animal of Gujarat

Asiatic Lion

State Bird of Gujarat

Greater Flamingo

State Flower of Gujarat


State Tree of Gujarat


Major Ports of Gujarat

Mundra, Sikka, Okha, Kandla, Mandvi, Salaya, Pipavav, Porbandar, Veraval, Bhavnagar, Mahuva, Jafrabad, Hazira

Major Tourism Cities in Gujarat

Ahmedabad, Amreli, Anand, Aravalli, Banaskantha, Bharuch, Bhavnagar, Botad, Chhota Udaipur, Dahod,Dang, Dwarka, Gandhinagar, Gir, Somnath, Jamnagar, Junagadh, Kutch, Kheda, Mahisagar, Mehsana, Morbi, Narmada,Navsari, Patan, Panchmahal, Porbandar, Rajkot, Sabarkantha, Somnath Gir, Surendranagar, Surat, Tapi, Vadodara, Valsad.

Major Tourist Attractions

Temples, Forts, Museums, Wildlife, Waterfalls, Lakes, Festivals, Stepwells, Yoga & Ayurveda

A Destination For The New Millennium